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8 Innovative Ways to Socially Isolate to Avoid Coronavirus

At a time when we’re all feeling a bit confused about how seriously to take the Coronavirus situation, it is time to take action.  The virus actually kills 3% of people who contract it…that’s 3 out of every 100 people.  To put that into perspective, imagine if you have 600 Facebook friends and we all get the virus (which is very likely)… this means 18 of your friends will DIE from it.  This is not panic, and it’s not over-reacting.  This is a PANDEMIC.  Here are 8 ways to change your lifestyle, to help avoid contracting the Coronavirus.


Stop eating out. Stock up on groceries using the Walmart, Target, or Amazon apps, and cook at home.


Order groceries on the Walmart or Target app, to pick up, instead of shopping in-store.  Order from retailers using their online sites, rather than going in-store; and order everything else from Amazon or other online websites.


Change to online banking (direct deposit, make payments online, transfer money online).

Deposit checks using your banking app. (This works by taking a photo of your check, in the app.  Pretty high-tech!)


Transfer prescriptions to an online pharmacy. (Contact your insurance company to find out which pharmacy to use.)  Call your doctor and request additional refills to be sent to the online pharmacy.

Personal hygiene

Discontinue personal hygiene appointments away from home, as it involves close bodily contact.  (For example, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, tanning, massage, facials, and even haircuts and coloring.)  Do these at home.


Order extra pet food and medicines; and find a veterinarian who makes house calls.

Car Maintenance                                                                              

Before Coronavirus gets worse in your area, get your oil and/or tires changed now; and start washing your car at home, rather than using a public Car Wash.

All Else

Avoid trips to the dry cleaner by wearing washable clothes, or ironing at home.

If you have an errand you must run outside the home, Google it first, to see if it can be done online.  Errands like car registration, renewing a driver’s license, ordering stamps, and printing labels to mail packages can all be done online.

Social isolation is the key to avoiding the Coronavirus.  Although some of us work in fields where we must leave our homes, if we take the measures above, we can at least limit our exposure to the Coronavirus.