“Breaking Bad” Aaron Paul’s Next Role?: TV Shows Where Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” Should Land Next

I don’t know about you, but I certainly hope that this Sunday’s series finale of “Breaking Bad” is not the last time that we see Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman).  Here are the top shows we’d love to see Aaron Paul guest star in, or better yet, become a regular so we can see him every week.

Detective Shows

Aaron has already guest starred on detective shows like “C.S.I.” and “Criminal Minds” in the past.  We’d love to see him guest star on another detective show again.  “Body of Proof” and “Law and Order” can always use a new perp in the line-up.  After all, Jesse is familiar with the ins and outs of the police business from the criminal perspective already.  


Aaron Paul would be great as a hot new doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” or a charming prince on “Once Upon a Time”.  It’s time to change his bad-boy image and do a little “Breaking Good” now.  He can finally show off the sweet side of his personality that we all know Jesse has deep down inside.


Aaron could show a new comedic side on “The Middle” or “The Big Bang Theory”.  Since he obviously already knows about drug sales, he could appear as Bernadette’s partner (or her nemesis) in the pharmaceutical sales business; or perhaps he could appear as a new boyfriend for Penny, to make Leonard a little jealous.

Reality T.V.

Then again, perhaps a little reality TV is in order.  If Jesse Pinkman and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) can survive in the world of drug lords and DEA agents, perhaps they can survive an adventure in the real world on “Survivor” or team up on “The Amazing Race”.  Aaron could also wash up on “The Jersey Shore” and he’d fit right in.  Or maybe, if we’re really lucky, we could see Aaron dating 25 new bachelorettes on the next series of “The Bachelor”. Oh, wait a minute.  Aaron’s wife, Lauren Parsekian, probably wouldn’t like that.

Wherever we see Aaron Paul next, we hope to see a lot of him, because we’re going to miss seeing his handsome face each week on “Breaking Bad”!

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